Atlanta Chapter

Invisible Men is in Atlanta! We have unleashed our presence in Atlanta, GA. (Updated Frequently)

Atlanta Leadership Legacys

Jamil-Jack Abreu

Jamil-Jack was born and raised in Miami, Florida. From Afro-Cuban & Afro-Puerto Rican Parents. Jamil-Jack is a POC Trans-man and he is a advocate in the Trans community. Jamil-jack is the Founder to Phoenix Transition program Jamil-Jack has run a support group in Macon GA in 2016 Along with his wife Lupa Brandt. Jamil-Jack moved to Atlanta GA and works for a non profit as Community  outreach associate, Jamil-Jack’s Mission is for inclusions & Visibility of trans-men in spaces. He is a graduate of Georgia Equality’s Trans-Action Leadership Academy. Jamil-Jack is an active member of Trans Gentlemen of Excellence & Legacy of Invisible Men. He also been a host in  Trans Living Magazine.

Fabian Washington

Fabian Washington is a black trans man from the golden state of California. He is the owner & CEO of IMAN MARC LIVE LLC. Film is a huge love of the passionate maestro, with several projects to release in 2021 from documentary to an entire series! Film is art and Mr. Washington has much in-store to share! As a music producer and an artist he has captured the hearts of many and only hopes to continue this through giving back and sharing his journey amongst his colleagues, friends & family. Mr. Washington is an advocate for the black & trans community and has been certified by Georgia Equality with leadership training in his hometown Atlanta, Ga. He is a Legacy of Invisible Men and a leader of the Atlanta, Ga chapter.

Services & Programs:

  • Case Management & Resource Linkage
  • Emotional Support Via Support Groups
  • Clothing & Binders Assistance
  • Emergency Funds (Based on Available Funds)

Atlanta Community Partners:

Atlanta Resources:


Trans Gentlemen of Excellence
Trans Housing Atlanta Program