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Here are some of my personal efforts to be visible within community.

-Luckie Alexander

Published on Feb 22, 2018

Los Angeles Community College District launches the LACCD Transgender Summit on February 23, 2018

Elle Perez – Outliers: Images, Identities, and the Space(s) Between

I participated in an photography exhibit that explored gender and identity. (article)

KPCC Panel – Barriers to healthcare (6/23/15)

Speaking on a panel around how trans folks are treated within the medical system.–barriers-to-health-care/  (article)

City Council Meeting (11/1/17) Presentations and Proclamations

Presented as a new member of LA City’s Trans Advisory Council (video)

City Council Meeting (3/28/18) Item 10 (video)

Tuskegee Experience 75th Anniversary

2016 – The first and only transman to ever escort some of the last living Original Tuskegee Airmen and their wives across Molton Field, where they originally trained to be pilots.