Leo LaBadie

My name is Leo LaBadie, I’m 58 years old and am a trans man from Atlanta, Georgia. I have been transitioning since Dec 2013. I would have liked to have transitioned sooner, but I gave birth to 3 beautiful children, and waited for my youngest to be over 18 before I started my change. My husband turned his back on me which was devastating after 23 years of marriage.  During my change I kept the most supportive, positive, and uplifting people in my life. The changes were so gradual that anyone close to me felt my changes as smoothly as I did. At the time, I owned my own business and left my field completely for fear of rejection. In retrospect, I should have given business associates the benefit of the doubt and let them receive me as the new me.  I worked in a very conservative occupation (the legal industry) and had a lot of trepidation. I don’t have those same fears today and am so comfortable with myself that I surely would have moved differently. Everything got extremely complicated very fast and I wound up losing everything.  There were so many different reasons. The loss of my communication with my children hurt the most. I even went to prison for 2 1/2 years. My gender marker not lining up with the new me had a lot to do with it. And to make matters worse, my unsupportive husband tried to divorce me while I was in prison (unable to defend myself). I managed to put him off until I got out only to receive the house that was in foreclosure from the divorce. I am starting over today and feel amazing and have reconnected with one of my children. (yay! Only two more to go 😊). I’ve been through an awful lot but that’s what has made me the kind, caring, compassionate, centered person I am today. Becoming who I truly am on this planet is the best thing I have ever done. I love myself now, can breath (except for the binder 😉), enjoy life, and have my soul mate, the love of my life, at my side, a cisgender straight woman, Verleen. In continuing my transformation I plan on having top surgery early next year (2021) and bottom surgery in the new formidable future.